Soul and vagina

The road is pitching dark, and the girl is walking. She is modern, she is free, her family is liberal and her thoughts are on a high spree. Yet, she feels black and blue. Her shadow follows her in the ever dim light and she feels eyes of the passer-byes on her body. Please don’t... Continue Reading →

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Checks in Balance.

The arts and the critics, the ruling and the opposition, the government and the press, the law and the institutions, the owners and the unions, the public and the police, the religion and the keepers, the them and the us, the us and the them. I’m sure you got the flair of this blog. To... Continue Reading →

Madan Uncle.

Every morning sharp at 8, he’d come and yell Good Morning. Much later I got to know that he did not speak any more English than that. It took me to be in fourth grade to realize that he was just trying to imitate the sound of ‘good morning’, and in all his perfection he... Continue Reading →

Wrong timing.

Now, read this carefully. I don’t know how you grew up, but I did in a very limited surrounding. My mother managed to nurture me just enough. Not too much pampering, but I was a single (read ‘apple of my mother’s eyes’) child after all. All she wanted was the best of everything for me.... Continue Reading →

The tumult of new daters.

This past winter, I felt something happen to me that I always very snootily described as Indians would never understand. ‘Dating’. I went without expectations, I was surprised at the level of connection we shared and then finally found myself (over a period of two months) warped in the stupid, over-dramatic and almost melancholic emotions!... Continue Reading →

The Holy, The Fake

Ramadan was going on, and many of my Muslim friends were observing fast, ‘roza’. I see my Muslim friends, religiously reading Quran, learning Urdu, and following Islam to its truest sense even after living a busy city life. Not only Muslims, even Christians read Bible, and if not the entire Bible, they make sure they... Continue Reading →

Happy Diwali!!!

The days have finally arrived when I am up to my toes and have to run behind my mum’s call. “Remove this drawer”, “Bring the broom here”, don’t wait for me to do it you lazy!!!, now clean that up by yourself!!”.Slowly and steadily with utmost planning me and my mum do the cleaning work.... Continue Reading →

Oh God!!

God has always been connected to human beings ever since this world has been evolving, and this connection has undoubtedly been stronger with the Indians. In India, we have a platter-full of choices so as to pray to which god (and specifically on which day) as we are proud worshippers of no less than 33... Continue Reading →

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